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List of which Libers are done and which ones need work

(have decided to leave this page in the orignal format and not make it moble friendly)

if anyone wishes to help with the reformatting task just drop the webmaster a email and let me know which Liber you are working on.. Thanks.  Note: This page auto refreshes every 120 sec.

Missing or Not Done Being Worked On Done
File Name


Reformated Border Meta Tags library tag Missing In Progress
LIBR000.txt Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Notes 04/18/2010          
LIBR001.txt Liber B Vel Magi [A] 04/15/1999          
LIBR002.txt The Message of the Master Therion [E] 04/08/1999          
LIBR003.txt Liber Jugorum [D] 04/15/1999          
LIBR004.txt On the Gematria of Fairy Tales by Crowley 04/18/2010          
LIBR005.txt Liber V Vel Reguli [D] 04/08/1999          
LIBR006.txt Liber O Vel Manus et Sagittae [B] 05/10/2000          
LIBR007.txt Liber Liberi Vel Lapis Lazuli, Adumbratio Kabbalae AEgyptorium [A] 04/15/1999          
LIBR008.txt Liber VIII [D] 04/08/1999          
LIBR009.txt Liber E Vel Excercitiorum [B] 04/15/1999          
LIBR010.txt Liber Porta Lucis [A] 04/13/1999          
LIBR011.txt Liber NU [D] 04/15/1999          
LIBR013.txt Graduum Montis Abiegni [D] 04/08/1999          
LIBR015.txt O.T.O. Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae 04/15/1999          
LIBR016.txt Liber Turris Vel Domus Dei [B] 04/13/1999          
LIBR021.txt Khing Kang King 04/13/1999          
LIBR024.txt De Nuptis Secretis Deorum Cum Hominibus 04/18/2010          
LIBR025.txt The Star Ruby [B] 04/13/1999          
LIBR025n.txt The Star Ruby Notes 04/15/1999          
LIBR027.txt Liber Trigrammaton [A] 04/13/1999          
LIBR028.txt Liber TzBA Vel NIKH Sub Figura XXVIII 04/18/2010          
LIBR030.txt Liber Librae [B] 05/14/1999          
LIBR031.txt Being A Part of the Diary of Frater O.I.V.V.I.O. 05/23/2002          
LIBR033.txt An Account of the A:.A.: 04/16/1999          
LIBR036.txt The Star Sapphire [D] 05/14/1999          
LIBRO41.txt THIEN TAO or, The Synagogue of Satan 04/15/1999          
LIBR044.txt The Mass of the Phoenix [D] 04/16/1999          
LIBR046.txt The Key of the Mysteries 02/18/2018          
LIBR049.txt The Collected writings of Jack Parsons 09/27/1999          
LIBR051.txt The Lost Continent 06/07/2000          
LIBR052.txt Manifesto of the O.T.O. 04/16/1999          
LIBR055.txt The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua 06/07/2000          
LIBR058.txt The Temple of Solomon the King 05/12/2000          
LIBR059.txt Across the Gulf [C] 06/07/2000          
LIBR061.txt Liber LXI Vel Causae [D] 06/06/2000          
LIBR064.txt Liber Israfel [B] 04/16/1999          
LIBR065.txt Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente [A] 06/07/2000          
LIBR065c.txt Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente Comments 06/08/2000          
LIBR066.txt Liber Stellae Rubeae [A] 06/06/2000          
LIBR067.txt The Sword of the Song 06/06/2000          
LIBR070.txt The Cross of a Frog 06/06/2000          
LIBR073.txt The Urn 02/24/2006          
LIBR077.txt Liber OZ 05/10/2000          
LIBR078.txt A Description of the Cards of the Tarot 02/02/2018          
LIBR084.txt Liber Chanokh 04/04/2001          
LIBR090.txt Liber Tzaddi Vel Hamus Hermeticus [A] 05/23/1999          
LIBR093.txt The Fountain of Hyacinth 02/03/2018        
LIBR095.txt The Wake World 09/24/99          
LIBR096.txt Liber Gaias, A Handbook of Geomancy [B] 02/04/2018          
LIBR097.txt Soror Achitha's Vision 07/25/2001          
LIBR101.txt O.T.O. An Open Letter to those who may wish to join the Order [B] 01/20/2018          
LIBR106.txt Concerning Death 05/23/99          
LIBR111.txt Liber CXI Vel Aleph, The Book of Wisdom or Folly [B]            
LIBR120.txt Liber Cadaveris, Ritual CXX, Of Passing Through the Tuat [D] 02/22/2018          
LIBR148.txt The Soldier and the Hunchback 09/24/1999          
LIBR150.txt Liber CL Vel {Lamed}{Ayin}{Nun], A Sandal, De Lege Libellum [E] 02/22/2018          
LIBR156.txt Liber Cheth Vel Vallum Abiegni [A] 05/23/1999          
LIBR157.txt The Tao Teh King 2/22/2018          
LIBR161.txt O.T.O. Concerning the Law of Thelema 2/22/2018          
LIBR175.txt Astarte Vel Liber Berylli [D] 2/22/2018          
LIBR185.txt Liber Collegii Sancti 2/22/2018          
LIBR194.txt O.T.O. An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order 2/22/2018          
LIBR197.txt The High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his following the Questing Beast [C] 2/22/2018          
LIBR200.txt Liber Resh Vel Helios [D] 05/23/1999          
LIBR206.txt Liber RU Vel Spiritus [D] 07/19/1999          
LIBR207.txt A SYLLABUS OF THE OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS OF A.'. A.'. 05/16/2000          
LIBR216.txt The Yi King 2/22/2018          
LIBR220.txt Liber AL Vel Legis, The Book of the Law [A] 2/22/2018          
LIBER220.txt Commentary on the Book of the Law. 2/22/2018          
LIBR231.txt Liber Arcanorum ATU TAHUTI QUAS VIDIT ASAR IN AMENTI sub figura CCXXXI. Liber Carcerorum Qliphoth cum suis Geniis [A] 04/28/99          
LIBR242.txt AHA! [C] 2/22/2018          
LIBR300.txt Khabs am Pekht [E] 2/22/2018          
LIBR312.txt Liber A vel ARMORUM 04/28/99          
LIBR333.txt The Book of Lies 2/22/2018          
LIBR335.txt Adonis [C] 05/16/2000          
LIBR341.txt Liber HHH [D] 2/22/2018          
LIBR343.txt Amrita, The Elixir of Life 05/16/2000          
LIBR370.txt Liber A'ASH Vel Capricopni Pnuematici [A] 04/28/99          
LIBR400.txt Liber TAU Vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum [A] 05/11/99          
LIBR412.txt Liber A Vel Armorum [D] 05/11/99          
LIBR414.txt De Arte Magica Secundum ritum Gradus Nonae OTO 07/14/99          
LIBR415.txt Opus Lutetianum, The Paris Working [AB] 2/22/2018          
LIBR418.txt Liber CCCCXVIII The Vision and the voice 2/22/2018          
LIBR451.txt Liber Siloam Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity 07/14/99          
LIBR474.txt Liber Os Abymsmi del DAATH [C] 05/15/2000          
LIBR500.txt Sepher Sehpiroth 2/22/2018          
LIBR536.txt BATRACHOPHRENOBOCOSMOMACHIA [B] 04/12/1999          
LIBR555.txt Liber HAD [D] 05/23/1999          
LIBR570.txt Vel Ararita 04/01/2005          
LIBR633.txt De Thaumaturgia 04/12/1999          
LIBR666.txt The Beast 07/18/1999          
LIBR671.txt Liber Pyramidos [D] Version 1 04/25/1999          
LIBR671a.txt Liber Pyramidos [D] Version 2            
LIBR671b.txt Liber Pyramidos (Frank Bennett Version)            
LIBR671c.txt Liber Pyramidos Comments 2/22/2018          
LIBR729.txt The Amalantrah Working [C] 2/22/2018          
LIBR800.txt Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summae, Congressus cum Daemone [D] 07/16/2000          
LIBR811.txt Energized Enthusiasm 2/22/2018          
LIBR813.txt Liber DCCCXIII Vel Ararita Sub Figura DLXX [A] 04/25/99          
LIBR831.txt Liber IOD [D] 05/23/99          
LIBR837.txt The Law of Liberty [E] 04/25/99          
LIBR850.txt The Rites of ELEUSIS 02/25/2018          
LIBR860.txt John St. John [C] 02/25/2018          
LIBR868.txt Liber Viarum Viae [B] 04/12/99          
LIBR888.txt The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw 02/25/2018          
LIBR911.txt A Note on Genesis 04/15/99          
LIBR913.txt {Beth}{Resh}{Aleph}{Shin}{Yod}{Tau} Liber Viae Memoriae [B] 04/15/99          
LIBR963.txt The Treasure-House of Images [A-B] 04/12/99          
LIBR_1151.txt Liber MCLI (Requirements for Minerval through Third in O.T.O.) 04/12/99          
LIBR_1264.txt The Qreek Qabalah 04/12/99          
LIBR_1408.txt Soldier and the Hunchback ! & ? 02/27/2018          
LIBR_2261.txt A Note on Genesis 02/27/2018          


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