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The new millennium? Whatever, man. They said that it would bring peace. It did all right. But at what price … the price of our sanity under the guise of some strange little document the New Templaric regime held to be sacred that proclaimed the rights of man. … That guy, what’s his name? Austin Hymentheta?  Yeah, I trusted him. … I trusted them all. I bought the lie and now I sit under the edict of slave in a stew of slaves. … Man, I did my Will and they said I couldn’t have understood my Will. I followed my heart and they said I didn’t have one to follow. I tortured them all and they have put me here to torture myself. … How many thwarted my Will and died for it? Good question. One hundred and eleven in all, I think. I began to lose track after ninety-three. … It’s all such a blur.

– Interview with “Pendragon,” Reassignment Isle, 2024.

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