Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network's
The Occult Shop

Second Life

We  have a shop on Second Life, as well as have a shop on the Market Place.

Other items for sale in the occult shop are

Tera's  Goddess posters    &   Shakti's wearable's


We sell real life magickal tools for use in a 3D virtual world. 


It is our will to bring real magickal practices into Secondlife.

Our Aim it to educate and help bring understanding and knowledge from the schools of mystery such as  Ceremonial Magick.

We are a resource for people who are practicing or who are interested in the art of magick. 

If you are unsure what magick is then please click for a list of links and books that will get you started.


Projects we are working on


To visit us in Second Life click on our surl



This page last updated: 03/25/2018