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Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network News (2008)



Ok finally have our video server working wooo hoo.  which means that The audio on Other Works by Aleister Crowley is now working.


Fixed a mistake in Liber B Vel Magi that was pointed out by Frater Daniel Burkett.  "I would just like to bring to your attention that the first verse in Liber B is wrong. On the website it is "This is the art and craft of the Magus but glamour." It should be "Thus is the art and craft of the Magus but glamour."
I have found this same mistake on SEVERAL websites on the net, and it makes me wonder how many more mistakes are in the CLASS A publications. I will be examining it myself, but I thought that I would bring this to your attention. To me, I think that accuracy in the CLASS A publications is paramount. "


Removed David Cherubim files as per his email request from the Other Thelemic Authors section and put a link to his new domain David Cherubim


found the new link to the Albion Lodge so the link works now on Other O.T.O. Sites.  fixed the A.'. A.'. Arcanum Arcanorum, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, O.T.O. Rituals, O.T.O. Knowledge Base pages the redirects were not working.


fixed the Enochian page the redirects were not working.

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