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Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network News (1999)



Created a Table of Contents for the Magickal Library


Thanks to Devi for pointing out that the cgi redirected links on the Wiccian Spells and Rituals Sections were not working... Guess I forgot a ../  oops..


Created a Magickal Humor Section.  Anyone wishing to submit anything please email the webmaster. and type in the subject area "Submit for Magickal Humor Section"


Thanks to Phillip for pointing out broken links on the EGC page.  It seems that brother Mimers Brunn of Sweden, has dropped his pages or moved.  At any rate I had saved all the EGC rituals etc and will format them and place them online in place of the links to his site.  If anyone knows of his new site please let me know. thanks.  


Fixed the  Thelemaomancy page.  I had forgotten to link the class A and class B pages to it.   Anyway it works now.. :)


I'm reformatting Magick without Tears, and will post here when it is completed.. :)  Also I noticed chapters 11 to 15 are missing if anyone has them or are willing to type them in please contact me..


Added The City of God: A Rhapsody, White Stains.


The Tantra section, is finished from a reformatting sense.  Also I have added to Wicca& Yoga sections.


Added to the Tantra section Tantric Elements and their significance to the Practitioner.


Found a error in the Active Channel for Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network.  This has been corrected.


Expanded the Thelemaomancy section.


Received a letter from the OTO asking me to take 2 libers offline they are: De Arte Magica, & Liber Siloam Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity


Finished the error scripts for this domain. i.e.: 400,401,403,404,500


Starting to place a index.cgi in place of the index.html that I was using.  This will call up one of two pages either start.html if you are Netscape or ie 3.0 or above. other wise it will call up home.html. This will make it easier for creating java menus and such.  I may also place a CGI script that can tell the difference between Netscape and i.e..  since Netscape does not use most of the dhtml and html 4.0 code that ie does.


Created a Thelemaomancy page. (Thelemaomancy the practice of seeking metaphysical insight by reading a random passage from one or more Thelemic Holy Books.)


Created Healthy Living section.  Information on Wheat grass, Sprouts, Herbalism, Organic Living and Vegetarianism


Created a Programming section, has samples of CGI, Java, etc.  I has so many samples on disk that I could not tell what each did so this helps.. and I'm sure it may be useful to some other people as well. :)


I added the following code to each of the libers up to 106.

Translate this page from:


Created  IE Channel for Aeonic Systems Bookmarks


Created agoodbye.cgi, will use it when users leave Aeonic Systems


Created goodbye.cgi, will use it when users leave our network.


Finished reformatting all the Enochian files.


Added four new Enochian Rituals


I've started to reformat the Libers and created a new page that lists which ones are done and for the rest at what point they are at.. for those of you that like to collect the html versions for your own collections.


Noticed a broken link at the bottom of all the pages in the libers.

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