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 The night before crowleymas

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:25:56 -0500
From: thelema <thelema@flash.net>
Subject: The night before crowleymas

Twas the night before crowleymas
we all sang in chorus
each one of us crowned
and conquering like horus
My woman in scarlet
And I the Great Beast
Had just said our will
and were preparing to feast
But somewhere outside
a strange goings-on
Perhaps, I thought Aiwass
But nay - 'twas Choronzon.
In my body of light
I went with assertion
of will to confront
The demon of dispersion.
When what with this prophet of
Princes went amiss?
But myGuardian angel
Calling across the abyss.
He possessed my wife
and then bade me to scribble
Three days worth of nonsense
and ludicrous drivel.
And there then he left me
alone in the wastes
To redeem all mankind
But I feared to make haste.
I pondered and wandered
causing many a schism
debauching, blaspheming,
By word, deed and jism.
But now here I stand
at crowleymas feast
with the word of the Aeon
Iam crowned the great beast'

~uncle al (chris Durham) 10/12/99

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