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0. O Chaos! A century has passed, and choronzonic confusions still cut capers about the concupiscent conceptions of Crowley, obscuring the teachings of the Great Beast...

1. "Come unto me" is indeed a world- and wonder-fully foolish word. To mega therion: to me gather i on.

2. What is the secret behind the veil? -- The eye is on the secret in Liber DCCCXI where Crowley writes: "The divine consciousness which is reflected and refracted in the works of Genius feeds upon a certain secretion, as I believe. This secretion is analogous to semen, but not identical with it. There are but few men and fewer women, those women being invariably androgyne, who possess it at any time in any quantity." -- Those who know me not yet, but have their eye only on the veil, believe this secretion to be identical with or a part of semen, residing within it.

3. This is the Curse of the Aion, cause of the confusion of the sexes, of what the sex is, this excess... this success ion... It has been called od, and libido and orgone, and will-to-power and psychic energy. It is the flowering of the world, the taint of generation, evolution, the evolute aion...

4. Moon dust and star seed, it has driven life on, lo these many cycles, perning in the gyre, populating the astral world withal, forming desire; to me, to me gather ion...

5. Love under will. Love makes the world go round, and that part of love called will directs its course. It is the orgasmic images, hyper-linked to the symbolic order of human language, that now make the world dance to the tunes of human culture.
As desire mounts and rises towards and into orgasm, the images thou hast in thy head are imprinted upon the astral world, and have consequence. Remember that well, o best beloved.

6. The prime imprints are those of the bodies of the lovers themselves. Thus the male and the female, the dark and the light, are bound to the realms of genius, as images. An imaginary bond with scarcely comprehensible consequence, flowing unconscious past all our deny all... they carry a hoste of atavistic forms in their wake...
The male has two sphincters (sanguine all, inguinal) not found in the female, who is singular or triune. The doubled form of the desired 'female' is a projection of these two sphincters. The female has generally less difficulty understanding this, whether she balk or no. She is the Lord of the Rings. (All cases of androgyne genius fall here.)

7. We quest for this, it is the objective of our most intimate searches. What grail can capture the essense of white lion and red eagle?

8. Testoster ion and egester ion in the scales; to me gather i on: alone they achieve much, in concert they create the worlds: real, imaginary, and symbolic.

9. All one: whatever identification the human lies prone to, the clever hand will tease the secret seed out and on to the world (to me gather ion).

10. Crock o dials and river horses we storm on, driving the wheel to eminent fortune.

11. And truly: all our lusty strength depends on this.

12. Though it seem like sacrifice, it is not so: the atavistic resurgence of snake and light proves it eternally not, to the delight of desire and will.

13. Die to the light, to al delight! Nor a mere and more, scorpion king delights in all the flowering, in the vasty pretense of ending, all eng-end-e-ring the further flower ring...

14. Let this be done by art, and the 98 rules thereof: neglect not a single moment of thy desire! unite each and every one with the conscious movement of thy will. Let the tempered sword be cast, the bow that is life be strung...

15. Double bondage be praised! Baphomet reigns in terrible duration over the inguinal veil, to the delight of male and female. Atavisms from all directions abound, fore-shadowing...

16. An it be not destroyed in the utter moment of orgasm, the astral form imprinted on the collective psychology will have only vague consequence, though its quantity will certainly make for an irritant noise.

17. The work of the orb and the staff has thus been entered into collective knowledge with the advent of this new AIon: and thus consciousness now occupies the space of which it heretofore only dreamed. High noon, Het-hor, the house of Hor, a gain.

18. In our dos moon tree fear we espy the cockroach of the seas advancing towards us, bloody yodic accompaniment in nines descending up on the earth; sheep weep along the path that leads past the dog and the wolf, and the twin towers of oblivion...

19. So well complemented by the baby seed of our own star, dancing in the dawn of the twilight akhu...

20. And so we grow to the knowledge that Osiris is a Black God, which festers our consciousness as radical memory. The AIon is upon us.

21. To me, to me gather AI ON.

The Commentary

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All movements of life are movements of desire. The cusps of such movements, understood as analogous to orgasm, constitute the precipitation of the astral forms that make language possible.
We thus recommend that thou focus thy attention on this process, with a view to imposing images consonant with thy Will, or Genius. As male and/or female, an it be conscious, it matters. (Both is bi-est: beast & biased & blessed ;-)

Love is the law, love under will.


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