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Fuck Emblems & Mode of Use
(Parody by Halmeister Crowley)
Copyright 2000

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Egg as Emblem

The Ancient Adepts like to say this gets laid by WhiteBird156, also known as Vagina. These Alchemical Adepts like to call the substance that holds it in suspension Vaginal Fluid. Fertilization is provided by any Serpent who can get it up for that sort of thing, and the nature of the the Chick produced depends on the will of said Serpent, it's hatching out and further flight propelled by the Energy of the Fuck. If you're not real careful about the so called "Magical Sausage Link" none of this may happen. 
(See MITAP Ch. XIV.)

The Serpent as Emblem

This twisty little Snake-in-the-Grass is the principal of immortality high school, of self-renewal in the flesh, of perdurabic Will, inherent in the Red Lion who, quite naturally, is an operator of big machinery & male. 
It swims in his Blood! Now that Lion has to decide the kind of sperment he needs as menstruum of the particular Will needed for the fuck. It must necessarily jive with True Will, or conflict between Dick-work & Man will exist, and the operation will fail, or worse. (Is there anything worse than not getting it up?) - E.g., if you do an operation to censor me, it would bounce & stick to you ("I'm rubber, you're glue!"); because deeper than any personal hate/fear you may have of me, we are sworn brothers in the great HOHO of Life and really do believe in freedom of expression as promulgated in Liber OZ. The properly trained and exercised little dick-swimmer occurs thru Acts of Concentration performed before embarking on the erection: that means to impose the image of your particular Will upon the actually existing little spermatozoa you carry around in your ball-sack, which are always eager to reproduce and go manifest your Will. Their Natural Will, of course, is to continue your image through ejaculations; ie the fertilized egg will appear as Daddy modified by Mommy, or as Mommy modified by Daddy. (Depending on if it's a boy or a girl.) But the technique of this operation, sucking the combined fluids out of the Cunt, prevents this issue; since Will may be caulked but never baulked - Law of the Conservation of Energy, don't you know - the material basis of the operation (semen & vaginal fluid) is prepared to produce the Image of Will impressed upon it by the study & practice brought to fruition in the operation.

Conditions of the Operation

Cock & Cunt should be robust & full of the juices of life (this is not a dry operation!), & have serious engorgement for one another, and be in absolute understanding harmony about the object of the operation. (Note: it is possible, and unfortunately often necessary, to use a Cunt altogether ignorant of the theory & even the practice. I have found this works perfectly; indeed, when the Cunt is aware, a thousand difficulties arise -- for one thing, they always want to talk your damn ears off! - it really is tough to find a Cunt genuinely capable of initiated cooperation! Reussy-boy told me he only had perfection twice in his whole life -- & even so the result was bad -- Cunts never did like him much, and these two seem to have developed a violent antipathy towards him afterwards. I've been luckier.) 
Don't worry about distractions; the jissom & cunt-juice should flow flow freely & forcibly towards the attainment of the object. And then: "Inflame cunt & cock with prayer"!

The Operation Itself

As you fuck, the mind-will must be directed more & more intensely towards the Object of the Operation. Physical Phenomena will do their utmost to distract fucker & fuckee alike!
It is absolutely necessary to the success of the fuck that when you come - which may last several minutes! - when the intensity of the stress creates a Black-Out, when Ego-awareness is abolished, that Will should continue to create, stopping only when Cock-fluid & Cunt-fluid have become one, and the Serpent & Egg have fused completely. The Result of this Fusion is called the Elixir, the Stoned Wise, the Metal Medicine, the Fifth Essence, and lots of other (not quite so nice) things.
Coming at the same time is very important. A mantra can help towards this end, either general or suited to the Object of the Fuck. EG, in The Paris Fucking I wrote specific mercurial verses: "Jungitur in vate vates: rex inclyte rhabdou Hermes tu venius, verba nefanda ferens". In basic English: "Let the priest fuck the priest, & You, O Hermes of the Famous Penis-wand, come in Me, speaking unspeakable words in my colon!"
One more thing: you gotta get the Cock enraged before he can successfully deal with the Cunt, and it can be hard to think of the ceremony while doing this. That could stop the whole process, whose beginning may be announced by the prayer: "Accedendat in nobis, Dominis ignem sui amoris et 
flammam aeternitate caritatis". In basic English: "May the Great Fuck-Lord kindle in us the Love-Fire & Eternal Charity-Flame!" See MITAP, pp325-326. 
This is the signal to forget the purpose of the Fuck altogether. But as soon as everything is randy & Cunt & Cock in proper position, begin your Mantra! 
Let the contest between the Creative Will & the Physical Phenomena begin! 
Successful feasting on the Elixir depends largely on the smartness & completeness of control: don't lose it!

The Elixir

Prepare as above, administer as follows. The Lion (Dick-boy) must collect it unless the Eagle (Cunt-girl) is really flexible - the best way is to suck it out of the Cunt (without spilling a drop - waste not, want not!) - and guys, don't be hogs: share some with her! It should be absorbed by the mucous membrane (especially of the palate!) Save a little to place in contact with the Magical Link or with a prepared & consecrated talisman. At the very least, some suitable symbol. EG, if you want money, smear it on a gold coin or ring (but don't you cOTO bastards put any more on MY RING or I'm going to get REALLY MAD!); if health, smear the little earth our naked patient with it. In any case take care to consume it by absorption: it will restore (with interest!) any strength that may have been used up in the fuck itself; if not, you goofed!
Read "Judges", Samson's riddle: "What is sweeter than honey, and stronger than a lion?" Here there's a beehive in the Samson-slain lion's carcass (he used the jawbone of the ass, which may indicate all that Cunt-chatter is good for something!), bees being the same as Eagles in this case. This Lion is our Sperment and Samson our big Red Lion. Properly prepared, the Elixir is sweeter than honey, and more potent by far. See also lots of stuff that I have writtem like L. 333, Cap. 36, MITAP 328, St John's Gospel 4:13-16, 31-32, 6:27 & 48-58, 7:38. Also "Little Essays Towards Truth" pp 70-74. This last is very important - this mode of fucking must never be used except as a sacrament; if you mess up, all sorts of slimy creepy-crawlies can get hold of you through the wasted Cunt-juice! (If you're not careful, she might even get you to marry her!!!)
You must prepare the Slime-goo Elixir EVERY time you fuck!!!
This is the great danger: thus the Universal Insistence of all Magi upon the Virtue which gives it title to the "Little Essay" above mentioned: CHASTITY! (ROTFLMAO!)
Well, that about does it. I know it sounds hard, but work on it diligently: there is no limit to what you can do with a little egg- & seed-sucking!

Laughter is the law, laughter under will.

Copyright2000ev by Halmeister Crowley (Hal von Hofe)
May be reproduced & desseminated wherever possible. (Especially disseminated!) 

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