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Anti 1:1
In a time before light there was darkness, nothing, and it didn't exist.

Anti 1:2
Inside this eternal nothing was the spirit ov Anti. But alas the AntiSpirit did not know what is was so Anti towards. So it decided to do something. And this something came from nothing.

Anti 1:3
So from the darkness and eternal nothing ov AntiSpirit came the white light... and this light was defiancy!

Anti 2:1
So this white light (out ov eternal darkness) ov defiancy searched with thought to find out why AntiSpirit lurked in darkness... and for why AntiSpirit was so Anti.

Anti 2:2
This white light bounced within the eternal darkness with vibration and sensuality;
this vibration was known as and sounded as

Anti 2:3
Forming something from nothing this 'vibrating' white light ov defiancy embalmed a matrix from which came all planes ov existence.

Cum 1:1
From all these planes formed by the 'vibrating' white light that was sent from the 'defiant' curiosity ov AntiSpirit arose from pure love the spirit ov cum.

Cum 1:2
And this shot out from the matrix in all planes ov existence like a phalic flame and it was good!

Cum 1:3
This phalic flame was fluffy and thus all things good be fluffy sayeth the Spirit ov cum.

Cum 2:1
This Spirit ov cum and fluffy goodness was ov Bunny.

Cum 2:2
And thus sayeth the Spirit ov cum is Bunny and it be Whoop Whoop

Cum 2:3
And Whoop Whoop lived alone and spread his love and spoketh only

Whoop 1:1
Whoop Whoop found hapiness in his plane ov cum and was the fluffiest Bunny.

Whoop 1:2
For he was the only Bunny.

Whoop 1:3
Whoop Whoop showed the AntiSpirit what it was so Anti about and it thus became AntiBunny.

Whoop 2:1
But Whoop Whoop knew that AntiBunny (The eternal darkness) was still sad and unhappy.

Whoop 2:2
So Whoop Whoop knowing its sadness and miserable nothing decided to rid the AntiBunny Spirit ov eternal darkness.

Whoop 2:3
This is the Defiancy ov Bunny, to destroy those that do not exist and worship nothing inside the Eternal dakness ov AntiBunny.

Whoop 3:1
And Whoop Whoop destroys the eternal nothingness ov AntiBunny with his fluff puff which be sayeth the Spirit ov cum the bunny tail.

Whoop 3:2
And the fluff puff is ov goodness to destroy the AntiBunny.

Whoop 3:3
But alas, Whoop Whoop was too happy to destroy AntiBunny. So he bounced away and AntiBunny got lonely once again and stirred in anger.

AntiBunny 1:1
Alas sayeth AntiBunny we are your nemesis and we must try to spread our nothing into the fluff puff ov Whoop.

AntiBunny 1:2
And thou fluff puff will be our something unto which we will corrupt your Spirit ov cum with nothing.

AntiBunny 1:3
But Whoop Whoop did not understand and went off to find Nothing to destroy. He was bored ov double talk and wanted to spread his bunny love. And so he labelled all AntiBunny confusing and not ov goodness.

AntiBunny 2:1
And the eternal darkness got angry and embraced Whoop Whoop for finding out why it was so Anti. And took Whoop Whoop into nothingness where Whoop Whoop found terror and evil.

AntiBunny 2:2
From Whoop Whoop's Bunnynapping he was taught and corrupted with evil. And he did cum and cum and tried to resist and did so because he stored all ov the evil ov nothing inside his fluff puff.

AntiBunny 2:3
And this is why CumBunnies can use thier fluff puff for evil as well as good. Because AntiBunnies corrupted Whoop Whoop and thus created the fluffiest Evil ov all.

AntiBunny 3:1
And this evil being ov Whoop Whoop became fused together and thus Whoop Whoop exploded into three Bunnies.

AntiBunny 3:2
And these Bunnies were ov both goodness and ov Evil from the fluff puff fusion.

AntiBunny 3:3
And they did hear the voice ov Whoop Whoop and he did sayeth that the Spirit ov cum sayeth that thou no longer be ov good or evil. But ov whoop whoop.

AntiBunny 4:1
And thus whoop whoop is the name ov this fusion and it is only ov Bunny.

BunnyLove 1:1
And these three Bunnies became our parents and they did use thier fluff puff's to fuse together love and hate to destroy the eternal nothing.

BunnyLove 1:2
And when they evolved from this fusion they became CumBunnie and evolved into only goodness making AntiBunnies evil and off nothing.

CumBunny 1:1
And these CumBunnies ejaculated into many and they where ov goodness and thier fluff puff's where ov the spirit ov cum fused with the evil ov AntiBunny.

CumBunny 1:2
And they did say whoop whoop, when they met up at thier bunny holes.

CumBunny 1:3
And they did meditate and call out in mating calls

CumBunny 2:1
And they did obey the CumBunny laws which were written on thier bunnybums underneath thier fluff puff's when whoop whoop did fuse together.

CumBunny Law from the Spirit ov cum and its bunny son Whoop Whoop
"All CumBunnies must obey the Secret Bunny Law that is written underneath thier fluff puff's"

Secret High Prophet Whoop Whoop Law from the fusion ov his fluff puff
"CumBunnies shall obey no laws, for thier are no laws in the 'vibrating' white light!"

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