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Bob Karjala

Dear WellnessWeb,

I think my story may be helpful to others. You have my permission to post my chronological story(cancer1) and my followup story(cancer1a). I have no monetary involvement with any of the suppliers listed, but have included their addresses for info only. Incidentally my source of essiac for approximately 50 cents per pint is a real bargain compared to what others have posted.

I think my story may be helpful to others. You have my permission to post my chronological story(cancer1) and my followup story(cancer1a). I have no monetary involvement with any of the suppliers listed, but have included their addresses for info only. Incidentally my source of essiac for approximately 50 cents per pint is a real bargain compared to what others have posted.

To friends and fellow cancer patients: 11/3/98

In March of 1998 I was diagnosed with a 2.5 cm adenocarcinoma of the lung which had spread to nearby lymph nodes in the lung and to two spots on my spine and to a 3 cm mass in my liver. I received 14 radiation treatments to one of the tumors on my spine. The radiation eliminated the back pain which had brought me to the doctor in the first place. I also began chemotherapy in the end of March (carboplatin and taxol, once every three weeks). In May I began taking essiac tea (2-3 ounces per day). Chest X-rays in the middle of June showed no increase in the size of the lung tumor, and a slight reduction in size of the lymph nodules (after 4 chemo treatments). In June I began taking Dr. Julian Whitaker's "Forward Plus" vitamin and mineral supplements, I increased my essiac tea consumption to 2- 3 ounces each morning and evening, and I also began taking vitamin Co-Q-10 at 400 mg per day. I also began taking one capsule a day of cats claw bark (Una de Gato) and one capsule a day of grape seed extract. Six weeks later (after a total of six chemo treatments) a CT scan showed that my liver tumor had disappeared, my lung tumor had shrunk to 50% of its original size, my spine was healing with new healthy tissue, and the lung lymph nodes were smaller and fewer in number. I am assuming that the dramatic change in the lung tumor in the six weeks between chemo #4 and chemo # 6 was mainly due to the alternative therapies which I started in June! After chemo #6 I also began taking one astragalus root capsule per day. X-rays on 9/11/98 show the primary lung tumor as less than 1 cm and the lymph nodes are almost totally clear after chemo #8. X-rays on 10/20/98 after the 10th and final chemo show the lung as essentially normal. A 10/27/98 CT scan shows no detectable tumor in the lung and the mediastinal lymph nodes have shrunk to less than 3 mm for the largest one. On 11/3/98 the doctor said I was cured. I will continue the vitamins, herbs, and tea just in case.

The Whitaker program includes 20 to 30 times the RDA of several anti-oxidant vitamins and 200 micrograms per day of selenium (an anti-tumor and anti-cancer mineral ). The essiac tea is 70% dried burdock root, 22% powdered sheep sorrel, 5% powdered slippery elm bark, and 3 % powdered Turkey rhubarb root. The 100 mg of grape seed extract is from "Riches" and also contains 400 mg of MSM(methyl sulfonyl methane).

My recommendations: (no vitamins or Co-Q-10 on chemo day or evening before)

# 1 Begin the Whitaker vitamin program, available from Healthy Directions, 1-800-722-8008, $49. 95/ mo. 10 % discount for three or more (comes in packets of 8 capsules, two packets/day), item number RP30.

# 2 Take Co-Q-10 at 400 mg / day. 200 mg chewable wafers available from Healthy Directions 1-800-722-8008, item CQ23 (30 wafers / $47. 60 = two weeks' supply, $42. 84 each for 3 or more)

#. 3 Drink 2 or 3 ounces of essiac tea twice a day. The brewed tea is available commercially as "Flor-Essence" by Flora Co. but costs $23 for one pint. I brew my own 1 gallon at a time and store in the refrigerator. The cost of dried herbs is $33.23 (including tax and shipping) for two batches (enough to make 8 gal or $0.50/pint !!). Available as "Native Herbal Combination" from Mother Earth Herbs, P.O. Box 1078, Wheatland, CA 95692, 1-530-633-2366. smeherbs@cwia.com FAX 1-530-633-2599

#4 Take 1 cats claw capsule (500mg.) per day.

#5 Take 1 grape-seed extract(100mg.)/MSM(400mg.) capsule per day.$36.00/100 capsules from Advanced Muscle Therapy Clinic, P.O. BOX 20134, Bullhead City, AZ 86439

While on this program I have had no nausea, no vomiting, and no fatigue from the chemo. I feel fine and still work full time. I have had hair loss and 11-12 days after each chemo my neutrophil counts are low enough that I require 2 days of neupogen shots to boost my white blood cell count. I got a numbness in my toes after my final chemo #10 on 10/3/98. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Bob Karjala
1772 Corning Street
Los Angeles, CA 90035-4302

P.S. I have heard of some "miracle cures" from people using the essiac tea. If you have any positive or negative results with the tea, I would like to hear about the details, so I can pass the info along to my doctors at Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center or to the alternative therapies section of the National Cancer Institute.

To friends and fellow cancer patients: 11/4/98

Today is the day after I was told that I am cured of stage IV lung cancer. In my first letter I tried to be objective and just give the continually updated facts of my case, to let the reader make his or her own decision, but I feel it is more important to pass along some reasons to support the alternative choices I made. The first letter also states that I had a liver tumor, but after the 10/27/98 CT scan, the doctors determined that I had a benign hemangioma which was uchanged during the therapy. The hemangioma did not show up on the 7/28/98 CT scan which was done on an older slow machine.

In April of 1998 I made a decision to not use any alternatives initially, because I wanted to give the chemo a chance, and I wanted to evaluate its effectiveness. When X-rays after chemo #2 and chemo #4 showed no increase of the lung tumor (but also no decrease) I decided to add several alternatives to my therapy. I briefly tried shark cartilage but it requires enormous doses which gave me gas and I saw some reports claiming it was ineffective, so I stopped using it. I have never taken vitamin supplements, but I read many reports showing the benefits of higher levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals in reducing cancer risk. I discovered the Whitaker program which contained much higher levels of many vitamins and minerals than an ordinary multivitmin, and seemed like a convenient way to avoid supplementing the various vitamins individually. I would assume that the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals may have many beneficial effects to the immune system and other body systems, so I began taking Whitaker’s "Forward Plus" vitamins in June after chemo #4. I also read about a patient with incurable cancer who was being treated for a heart problem with coenzyme Q-10, when his tumor disappeared. Subsequent studies showed that higher doses of C0-Q-10 were even more effective in shrinking tumors in other patients, so I began taking 400mg./day of Co-Q-10 after chemo #4. I learned about essiac tea from a friend at work whose mother lived next to a cancer patient with a remarkable story. I called him and he explained that he had colon cancer which had been treated with surgery and chemo, but had spread to his lung and liver. When doctors at City of Hope operated on him to implant tubes to deliver chemo directly to his tumors, they discovered that there were so many tumors on his liver that they could not proceed with the operation. They closed him up and told him to get his affairs in order because he had only a few months to live. At that time he began taking the essiac tea and now three years later in 1998 he feels fine and jogs every day. He said that the tumors are still there but they are not growing or spreading. President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician Dr. Charles A. Brusch in 1990 signed a notarized statement that he had cured his own colon cancer, diagnosed in 1984, through the use of essiac tea alone. I recently learned about the neighbor of my stepson who had undergone 5 or 6 rounds of chemo for his lung cancer, but the chemo was not working and the tumor had grown to the size of a baseball and had spread to his liver and prostate. He was told he had only a few months to live. He began taking the essiac tea only a few weeks after I began, and he decided that if 2-3 ounces was the recommended dose, he would use 10-12 ounces at a time. Within a few weeks his tumor had shrunk to the size of a marble and my stepson told me in October of 1998 that his doctors now say he is in complete remission. I have read about many other compelling cases which convinced me to add the essiac tea to my arsenal against cancer. Similarly I read or heard about cancer cures from cats claw bark and grapeseed extract so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add them to the regimen.

I began writing my treatment chronology because as I began having positive results, more and more friends were asking me what I was doing, and I got tired of repeating the details. Since something was working, I didn’t want to risk changing anything. It’s possible that thechemo had a delayed effect and started working better after treatment #4, or that the combination of alternatives and chemo together was effective. The literature shows that patients with stage IV lung cancer undergoing similar chemo have only a 35-40% response rate and most of those responses are only stable disease or partial response with very few(2-3%) complete responses. I may have been in the lucky 2 or 3%, but the correlation of my responses with the beginning of alternative therapy suggest that something in the alternatives played an important part in my cure. In March of 1998 my oncologist explained that at the present time stage IV lung cancer was an incurable disease, yet he was the same one who told me on 11/3/98 that I was cured. I am so excited about getting a second lease on life that I feel obligated to pass on this information so that others may benefit from the knowledge I have gained in the last 8 months. Good luck and good health!

Bob Karjala
1772 Corning Street Los Angeles, CA 90035-4302


Hi Lenore,

On 1/17/99 you emailed me to confirm the posting of my two letters about my cure from stage IV lung cancer at http://www.wellweb.com/CANCER/Patients_Stories.htm. I now have a much more detailed version with additional questions and answers on a web page at http://www.essiac-info.org/Bob.html. Could you please add this email to the page with my two letters or just put in a note that more info is available at the above link. This will avoid confusion when I reply to patients who have seen my story on the internet.

Bob Karjala

My Cure from Stage IV Lung Cancer


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