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Calcium Bentonite-Montmorillonite Powder (site from alibaba.com)

Properties: Massager
Type: Facial Massager
Anti-bacterial/viral/fungal: Fights infection effectively
Relieves pains/aches: Back, muscles, joints
Boosts immunity: Promotes phagocytosis
Re-mineralising: Provides essential minerals
Anti-toxic: Removes heavy metals
  • Properties: Massager
  • Type: Facial Massager
  • Anti-bacterial/viral/fungal: Fights infection e...
  • Relieves pains/aches: Back, muscles, joints
  • Boosts immunity: Promotes phagocytosis
  • Re-mineralising: Provides essential minerals
  • Anti-toxic: Removes heavy metals

Calcium Bentonite Fine Clay powder-internal / external detox, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, re-mineralising. Superb product


Calcium Bentonite has a very long history of internal and external use in all parts of the world, with remarkable results.It is widely considered the best 'drinking' clay around. Its applications in natural medicine stretch from preventative to curative, dealing with such problems as organic & non-organic toxicity, various infections, parasites. It is said to bind free radicals, alcalize the body (increased acidity leads to many health problems), strengthen immunity, re-mineralise the body, raise red blood cells count, stimulate cellular respiration, remove heavy metals (e.g. following chemo/radiotherapy), improve liver functiondue to its detoxification, balance digestion/elimination.

Bentonite clays are also called 'living clays' - due to their ability to absorb and adsorb and their ionic exchange capability. This makes them very popular for internal and external detox. They have a negative cumulative charge when hydrated, while most toxins are positively charged. This allows bentonite clays to attract and bind positively charged toxins and take them out of the body. These clays are different from others, since their ability to absorb is so high. This makes them very effective both for internal and external detox(drinking clay and baths).

Clays consist of a large number of minerals. Calcium montmorillonite is recorded to have no less than 67 minerals. The bulk of them includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, silica, manganese, boron, bromide, as well as other macro and micro-elements. Clays work with the body on a very intelligent level of ionic exchange. When we take minerals in a tablet form, they all pass through our bodies and can cause toxicity in case we take too much (like in cases with iron or zinc, for example). Clays only give the body what it needs. They 'identify' the need for particular deficient minerals on an ionic level and provide it to the body in the exact amount the body needs. At the same time,they replace the ions they give away to the body with the substances the body does not need, and take them away through eliminatory channels. It is very difficult to overdose on minerals supplied by clays - one needs to ingest quite a large amount of clay to get such an overdose. It is difficult to do, since it would be physically uncomfortable.

The infection-fighting properties of clays have been used by man and animals from pre-historic times. Calcium Bentonite is especially good for it - they effectively deal with both external and internal infection - e.g. they can settle diarrhoea within hours. They have also been used in the 1st and 2nd World Wars to treat gangrene, food poisoning, diarrhoea and other infection. For this reason they were part of soldiers' rations during the wars. This property has recently been highlighted in medical journals when the clay was tested as a breakthrough in fighting against hospital infection.

Due to its binding property,calcium bentonite binds free radicals which are so bad for the body and the skin - they cause premature ageing, disease, cancer. This property is also used to eliminate heavy metals out of the body (e.g.mercury, cadmium, lead, etc).


Clays work on the whole body, supporting the body and providing it with resources to remain healthy and fight disease when it occurs. I deliberately do not mention the bentonite clays here, because there are other types of clays which have profound healing, therapeutic properties.

Calcium Bentonite is an excellent bowel cleanser. It promotes cleansing and evacuation of the bowel, collecting all the debris on the way. It is especially good for people suffering from overall toxicity, poor bowel movements, and resulting lethargy and fatigue. Used regularly,it helps to prevent any inflammations of the bowel due to stagnation,as well as bowel cancer.

Because bentonite clays are such excellent cleansers, as well as natural mineral sources, they free the body from the need to work overtime to eliminate toxins and provide it with the all the minerals it needs, in the required quantities. This means the body gets its strength back, and its immune system becomes much more efficient. Bentonite also promotes formation of phagocytes which play a major role in fighting infection.

When taken just before or after meals, clay can bind the substances which cause food intolerances and resulting conditions(e.g. IBS, eczema, etc). It is a matter of trial to see if it suits each particular case.

Appling clay to skin lesions, ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne has proved to be highly effective in many cases. For example, clay is used in Africa by French medics to treat such a disturbing flesh-eating condition as Burluli ulcers. It neutralises bacteria and promotes healing, and this property is used both by healers and medics all over the world to treat a variety of infections and skin problems.

Clay is great for pain relief. Just apply a warm compress/poultice to an area - a bruise, contusion,  muscle  tension,  painful joint,ligament, organ, and leave on for 1-2 hours. Make a break for 2hours, apply another compress/poultice. Up to 5-6 applications can be applied per day. Clay does not harm in any way. If anything, it will remain neutral if there is no problem. In most cases it is of great help though.

Internal use:
Calcium Bentonite can be used both internally and externally.Internally I use it this way:
1 tsp of clay diluted in 1 glass of water (10 fl oz) in the morning and in the evening, at least 1 hour before meals or just before going to bed. Make sure you drink enough water, since clays require a lot of water.

External use:

Mix 250g - 300g of clay in a bath of warm water.The more clay is added to a bath, the better, but it can not always be practical. Clay will be drawing toxic waste out of the body by a process called 'osmosis', since the skin has an ability to let substances through. This will also allow the good, useful minerals from the clay to be absorbed by the body.

Mix some clay with warm water to form a paste. Apply in a thick layer to the area which needs treatment. Cover with cling film and wrap in warm cloth. leave on for 2-3 hours. Make a break for 1 hour. Apply again.Do not use on undiagnosed conditions - consult your doctor.

A compress is more economical than a poultice, though less effective, since it uses only a thin layer of clay. Mix up clay with some warm water (make it very runny). Soak a cloth in the
mixture. Apply to an affected area, wrap with cling film and a warm cloth. Leave on for 1- 2 hours. Repeat as needed.

Gargle/ mouth wash
Mix some bentonite clay with warm water (1tsp in 8 oz of water). Gargle or rinse mouth repeatedly.Use for infections - sore throat, mouth ulcers, soretooth.

Soak a cloth/ cotton wool in above solution (as for compresses). Apply to hemorrhoids repeatedly, as needed.

Use cold compresses for inflammations and recent contusions.
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